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Our research shows that many vacuum cleaner break-downs are the result of lack of maintenance. The purpose of our service cover plan is to ensure your vacuum cleaner is always working at its best, and also to prolong the life of your vacuum.

Affordable service plans for your Dyson, From only £1.20 per week!

Whats included:

  • A Free annual service after 12 month.
  • Free filter replacement when we carry out your annual service.
  • Free unlimited call outs & Labour.
  • Free replacements of any faulty parts.
  • Free like for like replacement Dyson if we are unable to repair yours. 

At times, we can all take a clean home for granted and when you least expect it (usually just before you’re having friends or family over) your Dyson vacuum cleaner breaks down causing panic amongst the home you pride so much.

Take the hassle away and sign up to our Dyson Service Plan from only £1.20 per week. Minimise your down time and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’re Dyson will always be working at its top performance.


*Please note. This maintenance plan is between you (The Customer) and CS Dyson Servicing and not between the customer and the vacuum manufacturer.

**Also note: Your vacuum cleaner is only covered if it is used for the purpose for which is was intended. Any machines stored outside or subjected to liquids of any kind or pet soil will not be covered.

***All replacement parts are subject to availability. Alternatives for obsolete or out of stock items will be offered where possible, but we cannot guarantee the supply of any part.