CS Dyson Servicing. Tel: 01274 011950  email: info@cs-servicing.co.uk

The Dyson Service not only includes the call out charge, but a whole host of other things to give your Dyson its sparkle back.

"The Dyson service will help increase the suction on your Dyson and prolong the life of the machine and will give you peace of mind in the short term and will save you money in long term by diagnosing any faults early on before they become a major problem."

We will set up our tools and work mat in a room of your choice (we don't make any mess) we will test the machine and then strip the machine down check and analyse all working parts and lubricate them so they are moving freely, give it a pristine clean and leave you with a comprehensive service report. We will also take the time to show and talk you through all the features of your Dyson to ensure you are getting the best from it. We will also show you how to maintain your Dyson by showing you the location of the filters and how to wash and identify when it is worn.

Our Dyson Vacuum Service includes:
  • Vacuum Pre-Test
  • Full Strip Down
  • Blockage removal of all airways
  • Fault Finding
  • Cleaning of all parts whilst during strip down
  • Identification of any worn parts due for change now or in the future
  • Re-assembly
  • Post Service Test
  • Free advice on maintenance and how to get the best out of your vacuum cleaner